Animal models provide valuable information for both human and animal health. They help the development of new medicines, devices, and treatment modalities. However, it is essential for the scientific community to continually improve their use of animal models to increase clinical translation. Further, the scientific community is committed to the 3Rs, to advance science and animal welfare.

The NA3RsC has five active initiatives focused on 3Rs impact:

Microphysiological Systems

The Microphysiological Systems initiative includes commercially-available MPS that are already translated into industry use. The principal goal is to increase the adoption of MPS technologies through stakeholder engagement. To that end, this group is the first industry collaborative of MPS companies. Currently, we have 25 companies actively engaged in this initiative.


Rodent Health Monitoring

Our Rodent Health Monitoring Initiative was established to help laboratory animal care professionals make appropriate decisions, provide a forum for open discussion, and implement the best practices for their institutions in terms of health monitoring. So far, its efforts have sparked at least 2 major governmental & academic research institutions to switch to full environmental monitoring thereby replacing thousands of sentinel animals. A resource page & benchmarking survey are on the way to help more make the switch.


Translational Digital Biomarkers

The Translational Digital Biomarkers initiative is working to refine & reduce research animal use through collaborative efforts between tech providers and end-users. Their goal is to establish an improved understanding of value & facilitate the adoption of these technologies. Stay tuned for their upcoming resource page & publication.


Animal Welfare/3Rs Certification Course

Stay tuned for our newly formed Animal Welfare/3Rs Certification Course Initiative which plans to create an opportunity for scientists and other professionals to learn & demonstrate their knowledge & commitment to the 3Rs


The Refinement Initiative works to identify, curate, and promote evidence-based refinement resources to improve animal welfare and scientific rigor. So far they have created 7 resource pages on common laboratory species which have had over 1200 views in just 5 months. Stay tuned for upcoming resource pages.