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3Rs Funding & Awards
  • Support and promote the 3Rs at the national and global levels
    • Our resources will provide open-access education in laboratory animal research
    • Funding helps support conference development in the 3Rs
  • Visible commitment to the 3Rs
    • Improved public perception of institutional responsibility
    • Industry recognition of your dedication
  • Impactful networking & engagement with diverse leaders from pharmaceutical companies, universities, vendors, CROs, NIH, USDA/AWIC, and NC3Rs
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    • Eligible to apply & participate as an institutional member in any of our initiatives
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  • Logo picture in our monthly newsletter which reaches >1500 laboratory and research personnel
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Gold $10,000+
  • All benefits from lower levels
  • Feature in our newsletter targeting how your company is supporting the 3Rs
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 Note: All benefits are optional (since some companies may want to maintain privacy) and subject to approval.

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